About Us

What We’re All About

What We’re All About

Combined Builders Network provides big benefits for small and medium sized builders. As a CBN subscribed member, you have access to our online resource for products and services for your construction projects including supplier information and prices. Builders can increase their profits via large builder volume pricing from quality suppliers, potentially saving approximately $5,000 – $15,000 on a project. Members effectively have their own Business Development Manager to liaise with suppliers and provide product price lists.

Members also have access to our meeting rooms, board room, office spaces and cafe, along with our huge colour selection showroom to view supplier product ranges for client colour selections with a team of qualified colour consultants.

Advantages of Using CBN

Save $5-$15k on your next build
Access to our huge colour selection studio
Save hours of work simply by utilising CBN estimating services
Save over 40 hours of time on a job
Advantage of volume builder prices
Convenient access to modern meeting rooms and boardrooms for you and your clients.
Value add services for your clients
Lift the profile of your business
Access to a range of home designs & façade renders to offer your clients
Our Vision

Our Vision

Combined Builders Network aims to help small builders take their business to the next level by providing them with convenient access to a range of high quality tools and facilities. CBN takes the guess work out of providing clients with an exceptional build experience.

From our huge colour selection studio and access to volume builder price files that provides clients with a larger range of inclusions and upgrades and our lifesize projection room that allows clients to walk through their floorplans to scale, to our modern and professional meeting rooms and large board room, CBN gives small builders the facilities to upscale their business without increasing the cost of operations.

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